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Tuition By Brian Morris, who has over 20 years of teaching experience with many classes of anglers. He has acquired AGIA and STANIC

Tuition Available, Spey Casting instruction with the creator of the Super Spey, popular for its distance and casting in contrary winds. Also Mr. Morris teaches Trout Fly Fishing Instruction

Classes are taught at Busheyleaze Fishery, which is a large 22 acre lake surrounded by 42 acres of Meadowland which results in a nice, peaceful and secluded area to fish on. As well as being a natural environment to fish from, it also offers excellent fishing from boats with secluded bays for bank anglers.

The lakes stock is replenished daily with quality Rainbow and Brown trout, trout fishing on the river Coln is available but to Season Ticket holders ONLY!!! The lake itself benefits from many hatches, and the owner is usually on hand to offer help. Fishing Records are 11lb For Rainbow Trout and 4lb for Brown trout. Natural flies include Buzzers, Hawthorns, Sedges, Daddies. Recommend using Buzzers, Nymphs and Damsels.

Lechlade and Bushyleaze Trout Fisheries is located on the Burford Road on the outshirts of Lechlade-on-Thames:

Lechlade and Bushyleaze Trout Fisheries


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Fly fishing Oxfordshire tution has landed a lovely fish.


The first time I went salmon fishing I got some lessons from you to learn to Spey cast. The result was I caught my first Salmon at my first attempt - two Grilse in fact in two days from the Tweed.

Then, having been invited onto the Spey recently I got a top up lesson with you. The result: a hulking 18 pound hen and a beautiful 5lbs Grilse.