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£40 per hour for personal instruction.
£30 per hour for two people sharing a lesson.*
£35 per hour for junior instruction.

*Price per person. Gift Vouchers are available.

Lechlade and Bushyleaze Trout Fisheries Price List

Lechlade Trout Fishery:
Full Day Ticket 4 fish limit £66
Half Day Ticket 2 fish limit £42
Evening Ticket 1 fish limit £30
Junior Full Day, £33 (2 fish limit)
Junior Half Day, £24 (1 fish limit)

Bushyleaze Trout Fishery:
Full Day Ticket 6 fish limit £32
Full Day Ticket 4 fish limit £36
Half Day Ticket 3 fish limit £33
Evening Ticket 2 fish limit £26
Junior Full Day / £24 (3 fish limit)
Junior Half Day / £18 (2 fish limit)
Junior Evening / £12 (1 fish limit)
Season Tickets
Block of 10 day tickets £324 (4 fish limit)
Block of 10 half day tickets £297 (3 fish limit)

Trout Fly Casting. Single Handed Techniques

Over Head Cast, Single Haul Cast, Double Haul, Distance Cast, Roll Cast, Side Cast, Shepherd Crook, Steeple Cast, Single and Double Spey Cast.

Trout Fly Fishing Instruction / Fly Fishing for beginners

Dry and Wet Fly Techniques, Nymph Methods.
Hourly and daily tutorials available, beginners welcome.

Salmon Fly Casting

Basic Overhead Cast.
Advanced Overhead cast for distance and presenting light lines with small flies.
Roll Cast, useful to raise sunken lines and clean lifting of line off water before commencing cast.
Single Spey Cast using the new technique which ensures distance and good presentation in difficult wind conditions (Super Spey).
Double Spey Cast, useful in a strong downstream wind.
Learn to perfect your Snap 'T' cast, snake rolls and other advanced techniques. Basic and intermediate tuition

Salmon Fly Fishing

Practical instruction on the Wye. Floating and sunk line methods with particular emphasis on Super Spey technique. The style of spey casting the we encourage is ideal for shooting line for distance and requires less physical effort for maximum achievement.

We can arrange residential courses and corporate days

Please feel free to contact me for any further information

There are no hidden extras.

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Latest Success

Fly fishing Oxfordshire tution has landed a lovely fish.


The first time I went salmon fishing I got some lessons from you to learn to Spey cast. The result was I caught my first Salmon at my first attempt - two Grilse in fact in two days from the Tweed.

Then, having been invited onto the Spey recently I got a top up lesson with you. The result: a hulking 18 pound hen and a beautiful 5lbs Grilse.